KAJOTEC INC (Joel Kaleu founder)

JOEL KALEU Inventeur Innovateur écologique aujourd'hui installé en Ontario. Il s'est spécialisé dans la conception de machines écologiques permettant aux ménages de réduire leur empreinte de carbone.

Joel is the founder and VP of R&D at Kajotec. Joel Kaleu is a creative passionate soft spoken and brilliant young inventor. He specializes in developing environmentally friendly green technology that he calls 'ecological inventions'.

Joel is an engineer who came to Canada in 2003 from Cameroon West Africa. A Canadian trade representative enticed him to come to Canada because he was so impressed with his concepts for eco-toilets an eco battery charger and an eco hot water heater.

Joel's track record for ecological inventions goes back over eleven years when he worked with a French research organization in Mali West Africa. He discovered a way to use organic waste to provide power to the incubators for the eggs of chickens – a problem that stemmed from the erratic power supply that plagued Africa. With a constant power supply the eggs were able to grow into chickens that then provided food for the local economy.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) a specialized agency of the United Nations recognized Joel for his efforts. Joel has a thirst for learning and a passion for saving energy. He has studied electro mechanics the science of solar panels and managed a research project on farming Shea to make Shea butter.

Today he has over 80 inventions and 25 patents. Most recently he was chosen to be one of the first immigrant entrepreneurs to benefit from a new mentoring program. Diversity Works links newcomer entrepreneurs with Canadian mentors. KAJOTEC ® CANADA Green Amelioration

It's Possible Since 2003 KAJOTEC® Canada specializes in the conception and the development of environmentally friendly inventions and innovations by people who are really concerned about the planet. Each product we design reduces a minimum one ton of greenhouse waste.

As a company dedicated to research and development of efficient energy use and recyclable materials KAJOTEC is at the forefront of this war against greenhouse emissions. We focus on creating new types of energy and reducing each household’s carbon footprint for example heating your house using garage or solar thermal power.

With the 80 new products we are very proud to make our contribution for green amelioration and so doing it will secure the future of our children.

Head Quarters KAJOTEC INC. 2 carlton Street Suite 1403 Toronto ON M5B 1J3 - Canada

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